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Empowering the Future

Sustainable Commodities for Global Growth


Who We Are?

We specialize in the uranium, focusing on the front end of the nuclear fuel value chain with a particular emphasis on U3O8 or "yellowcake." We conclude contracts for the sale and purchase of natural uranium, specifically U3O8, with power utilities, international trading companies, and commodity investors across various countries including EU-27, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, China, and South Korea.


AXIA Power is a trustworthy trader in the global commodities market. With our extensive experience and independence, we effectively navigate the rapidly changing realm of commodities. Our company aims to build long-term value for our customers.


We prioritize products with the highest efficiency and the lowest environmental impact, ensuring a sustainable future. AXIA Power places great emphasis on environmental sustainability, actively working to minimize our ecological footprint.

Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of customer service. We are well-equipped to meet the needs and demands of our customers worldwide. At AXIA Power, we prioritize customer interests and strive to establish long-term partnerships.


Our Products













What We Do?

Spot Market Expertise

We specialize in buying natural uranium on the spot market, allowing us to take advantage of short-term opportunities. Our experienced team closely monitors market conditions, identifying favorable positions for acquiring natural uranium. Through strategic purchasing, we maximize the potential for profitable transactions.

Back-to-Back Transactions

We excel in executing higher volume back-to-back transactions within the spot window. This involves simultaneous negotiation and completion of both the sale and purchase of natural uranium. By facilitating these seamless transactions, we streamline the trading process and provide our clients with a convenient and efficient experience.

Diverse Spot Deals

We engage in multiple spot deals with various counterparties, facilitating transactions involving smaller quantities of material. This approach allows us to maintain flexibility and cater to the specific needs of our clients. By offering customized solutions, we ensure efficient and tailored trading experiences.

Customer Service

In addition to spot market activities, we offer hold structures that provide exposure to the market for up to 1 year. This allows us to capitalize on market trends and fluctuations over an extended period. By combining our expertise in market analysis and risk management, we efficiently optimize our portfolio.

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