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Our Products

Welcome to the diverse range of high-quality products at AXIA Power. We specialize in the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle, with a strong focus on U3O8, also known as "yellowcake".


Uranium Supply

At AXIA Power, we excel in concluding contracts for the sale and purchase of natural uranium, primarily in the form of U3O8. Our client base extends across the globe and includes power utilities, international trading companies, and commodity investors from key regions such as the EU-27, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, China, and South Korea.

Industrial Metal Supply Chains

Apart from our uranium focus, we're dedicated to structuring efficient supply chains for various essential industrial metals, ensuring a steady flow for your production needs.

Uranium Products

We are proud to offer an array of uranium products tailored to your specific requirements:

  • Uranium Concentrates (U3O8 or "Yellowcake"): A cornerstone of nuclear fuel production, our high-grade uranium concentrates are meticulously processed to meet the highest industry standards.

  • Uranium Conversion and Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6): With its critical importance for the nuclear fuel cycle, conversion services and UF6 play a crucial role in establishing sustainable fuel supply.


Metals Portfolio

Explore our diverse range of industrial metals, carefully curated to meet the demands of modern industries:

  • Tantalum: Known for its exceptional corrosion resistance, Tantalum is vital in applications where durability is paramount.

  • Niobium: With its remarkable heat resistance, Niobium finds its place in high-temperature applications, contributing to enhanced performance.

  • Beryllium: Offering excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, Beryllium is crucial in industries where efficiency is key.

  • Rutile: This versatile mineral is valued for its use in pigment production and various high-temperature applications.

  • Copper: A fundamental metal with widespread applications, Copper's conductivity and malleability make it indispensable in many industries.

Experience excellence, reliability, and sustainability with AXIA Power's comprehensive product portfolio. For inquiries or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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