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Discover AXIA: Real Value in Every Step

Derived from ancient Greek, 'AXIA' encapsulates the essence of true worth and prosperity. We've chosen this name to symbolize our commitment to offering you genuine value and quality. Join us in a journey where 'AXIA' signifies not just a name, but a promise of excellence.


About the Company

As a seasoned and independent trader in global commodities, AXIA Power is committed to creating lasting value for our customers in rapidly evolving markets.

As the only operational uranium trader in the UAE, we offer a distinct advantage to our clients in the region. AXIA Power holds a unique and special Radioactive Materials Trading license.


With a strong focus on high-efficiency, environmentally-conscious products for a sustainable future, our dedicated team ensures top-tier customer service, meeting the diverse needs of our global clientele. Backed by extensive expertise in professional trading across uranium and metals markets, we prioritize transaction transparency and social responsibility. AXIA Power's goal is to forge enduring business relationships with our valued customers.

Our Mission and Values

AXIA Power is a trader in the global commodities, reliable, experienced and independent

Our team is committed to maintain the highest level of customer service, and is well placed to fulfill the needs and demands of our customers around the globe

We aim to build long-term value for our customers in fast-changing commodities markets

Having rich experience of professional trading on uranium and metals markets, we pay high attention for transaction transparence and social responsibility

We focus on products with the highest efficiency, the lowest environmental impact and perdurable future

AXIA Power aims to build long-term business with its customers

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